#GE2020 Patrick Costello #1

Vote Number 1 for a better Ireland

PATRICK COSTELLO is the Green Party candidate for the Dublin South Central constituency in next month’s election to Dail Eireann. We’re looking for your first preference #1 vote. 

Raised, educated, living and working in the Rathgar/ Rathmines/ Ranelagh area. After attending school, Cosi studied psychology in UCD and received a masters in social work from Trinity. A decade working with vulnerable communities, most recently as a Child Protection Social Worker, has given hands-on experience of the tough circumstances affecting families across our locality at present. Ten years of volunteering have shown that it takes involvement to build a community and hard work to make things better.

Cosi & Hazel
Cosi & Hazel by the Liffey

Elected to Dublin City Council in 2019, Cosi represents the Kimmage-Rathmines Ward and is a member of the ‘Traffic & Transport SPC’. For the Green Party, Cosi is the ‘Spokesperson for Transport’. He is active in Dublin Cycling campaigns to create a joined up network of safe, direct cycle ways across the city connecting homes, shops, schools, work and play

‘Late night LUAS’ in Nassau St Dublin.
Commit to 5-year Plan to build the Underground Metro now.
Build Now, Save later.
Repeat in Cork, Galway

Climate change and bio-diversity loss is hitting harder and accelerating faster than many people predicted. For younger constituents – environmental issues are even more pressing and top their list of concerns both in the short and long term.

We need to reduce our overall energy demand and we believe it is possible with a combination of technological advances, regulatory decisions and positive behavioural change to meet European targets. Instead of asking “Can we afford to take climate action?”, we need to be asking “Can we afford not to?”

Postering Jan 2020
Postering City Streets in January 2020

Overruns in Health spending, delays in the delivery of the National Children’s Hospital, and ever-increasing waiting lists have seriously harmed the welfare of patients and service users, as well as hitting people in their pockets. We believe that health policy is best addressed through cross-party consensus and therefore support the Sláintecare plan and commit to adequately funding healthcare reform through that framework

We want to invest in clean public transport, walking and cycling at a much higher rate and give commuters viable alternatives to driving private cars.

We have a long-term vision for housing for the 21st century – warm, comfortable and efficient homes in sustainable, active communities supported by excellent travel and transport options

Join Dublin Cycling for the #LiffeyCycle to send the message that Dublin’s future is a healthy, liveable, people-friendly city.

We consider that sustainable economic and welfare policies are the best and most effective manner in which to achieve social justice into the future. Citizens and residents of Ireland can no longer be conceived of as merely economic units within a market structure. We recognise the value of caring, of community activism and commit to the right of all people to fulfill their basic economic needs.

The next decade is critical. There’s a mammoth task ahead, but the Irish people have long been ahead of the politicians in their desire to face up to the climate & biodiversity crises we face.

Door-to-door Canvasing Crumlin 19th January 2020

We CAN do this, but we need YOUR help to make this a #GreenDecade. #wantgreenvotegreen. We need you and your family & friends to vote Costello, Patrick #1

Pease contact me directly and let me know whether you share these objectives and if you would be interested in working with me to make them happen.
Councillor Patrick Costello
Richard O’Carroll Room, City Hall, Dublin 2
Work mobile: 0879431494
Work: patrick.costello@dublincity.ie

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