Ó hAlmhain calls for ban on election posters

Dublin South Central Green Party candidate Oisín Ó hAlmhain has called for a ban on election posters on lampposts at the next General Election and is contacting other candidates, asking them to agree to a poster ‘pooling’ system in the constituency.

Mr. Ó hAlmhain said: “At the last elections, there were 15,000 plastic posters on lampposts in Dublin South Central. While I myself enjoy the colour that postering brings to election campaigns, many people do not like them and may find them untidy and sometimes intrusive.

“In some cases when they are placed at a lower level they can be a hazard to people with limited vision, or cyclists. They are also a hazard and a litter problem when blown down. I think if we can avoid them the public in general will be grateful.”

The Green Party candidate says that as an alternative, all candidates could arrange to have their images displayed on a large board in derelict areas or on the inside of windows in vacant retail premises.

“This will also save the taxpayer money,” said Mr. Ó hAlmhain. “Candidates who receive votes greater than a quarter of the quota have their election expenses refunded. I estimate there could be a saving of €90,000, in this constituency alone, if all candidates opted for a poster pooling system.

Mr. Ó hAlmhain said if he was unsuccessful in getting agreement from other candidates, he will buy his posters from a local supplier and only poster in a limited number of commercial areas. “I will avoid residential areas – but I hope that other candidates will agree to what I believe is an important environmental and economic initiative.”

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